FanGo makes it possible for customers to pre-order and purchase refreshments for ALL events

Pre-Ordering at Events

Even for events that do not require tickets, you may still wish to offer guests the opportunity to pre-order and purchase beverages and/or drink tokens. Simply create an online drinks menu using FanGo’s pre-ordering software and send to guests as a link or enable access via your website. Guests can then view the entire menu to pre-order and purchase their beverages. Orders can be prepared in advance to be ready and waiting for guests on arrival and, with no orders or bills to prepare on the night, staff are freed up to concentrate on providing excellent service.

Pre-Select from Online Menus

For events where guests need to pre-select their food choices, simply create a detailed menu in the system, complete with full descriptions and allergen information. Guests can access the menu via a link or your website, make their selections and learn more about the event. Party leaders can share the link with other group members so they too can also view and select their meals. Once completed, staff will be notified, the menu choices collated and then automatically sent to the catering and event departments.
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Allergens & Dietaries

We know from our clients just how vital it is for anyone serving food to acquire and track the details of their guests’ food allergies, intolerances and special dietary requirements. Historically, this has been extremely challenging. Not only might information have to be filtered from guest emails and perhaps be interpreted incorrectly, but it would often be stored using a variety of archaic methods, such as paper pre-order forms which could easily be misplaced and, should data need to be transferred from one system to another, it could easily be lost.
Shocked to discover existing systems did not easily save and provide accurate guest dietary information, FanGo were determined to develop a system whereby their clients could provide clear product details so guests could easily inform of any allergens, leaving no room for error.
Adding Dining Choices and Allergen Information

The FanGo Solution

FanGo liaised with the UK Food Standards Agency to acquire the exact measures for handling guest allergens and dietaries and one of our Directors even completed the Highfield course in Online Food Safety. The FanGo team also worked closely with the Director of the Food Equipment Association to discover and identify how best to obtain allergen information and ensure that it can then be then accurately and securely passed to the catering and events departments.
This extensive training and research into allergen and food safety requirements has led the FanGo team to develop one of the most comprehensive checks for guest allergens and dietary requirements.
Guest allergen information is easily added and securely saved within the event-log and can be viewed by staff with appropriate access. A breakdown detailing allergens and dietary information for each event is automatically sent to the relevant departments prior to the event.
Existing clients confirm that the allergen and dietaries feature is of huge benefit and has removed the potential for errors. Feedback from their own guests has also been immensely positive and they were impressed by how thorough and efficient the process for handling important dietary information was.

Pre-Ordering at Live Events

FanGo Live

FanGo Live enables customers to pre-order and purchase refreshments during events. When an order is placed, staff are notified and prepare the order. Once ready, customers receive a notification and either collect their order from their nearest collection point or have it delivered. Bypassing those notorious queues, the system can be tailored to any venue selling refreshments, enabling customers to enjoy more of the event.

Did You Know?

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The average adult spends almost 3 days every year waiting in a queue – crazy! We’ve all experienced it – the person in front finally gets to the counter, only to call out to every member of their party “What do you want?” How do they not already know?! And then, there’s that person who’s almost surprised when they’re asked to pay and proceed to fumble around with their coins…… Unbelievably infuriating to say nothing of time wasted!
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How it Works – 3 Simple Steps

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