Ultimate Event Planning Checklist For Event Management

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What Does An Event Management Checklist Include?



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What Are The Event Planning Steps

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The First Steps In The Event Planning Checklist: 6-12 Months Before The Event

Here’s what you should be doing in the first 6-12 months:

Determine the goals of the event

Choose a theme

Visit potential sites

Research/appoint event coordinator/manager

Get cost estimates (venue hire, food, drinks, sound/lights etc)

Get recommendations for entertainment

Invite/Confirm VIPs

Begin invitation design

3-6 Months Before: Checklist For Events Management

Here’s what you should be doing 3-6 months before the event:

Determine the goals of the even

Pick a theme

Decide on a date that doesn't conflict with other events you or your target audience might participate in

Research a venue that can accommodate the event needs and make a reservation

Decide on budgets for other major factors, like catering and music

Determine other logistical event needs, such as insurance or security

Event Planning Checklist For 2 Months Ahead

Here’s what you should be doing 2 months before the event:

Develop an event committee

Book security and parking

Create branding for the event, like a logo or webpage

Place orders for catering services

Develop and implement marketing and publicity initiatives through social media, blogs, billboards, postcards or emails

Contact individuals involved in the event like guest speakers

Sell advance tickets

Send out emails or letters advertising to save the date

Create documents, like budgets, to-do lists and design requirements, for every event committee member

Receive bios from all guest speakers

Sign all contracts for catering services, guest speakers, music and other services

Acquire sponsors

Close ticket presales and release info about regular tickets

Decide on registration fees based on projected and actual costs of the event

Create an online registration system

Distribute requests for volunteers

Order decorations

Book a photographer or videographer

Research accessibility at the venue, such as parking spaces for people with disabilities or live captioning systems

Remind people on your contact list to register

Send out event reminders through other channels, like social media

Confirm sponsors and guest speakers

Produce or get materials for the event, such as banners or stickers

Design a timeline of the event's speakers or features

Send out a media advisory if the press might attend

Event Management Checklist For 1 Month Ahead

Here’s what you should be doing 1 month before the event:

Delegate responsibilities to volunteers and staff

Print table cards, programs or other materials to distribute at the event

Contact and confirm details with media representatives

As necessary, review scripts or seating charts

Complete volunteer or staff event training

Meet with the committee to confirm all details

1 week ahead: Event Management Checklist

Here is what you should be doing 1 week before the event:

Close event registration

Schedule set up for speaker equipment, tables and chairs

Monitor the weather forecast if planning an outdoor event

Submit the final registration tally to caterers

Event Planning Checklist: The Day Before Event

Here’s what you should be doing the day before the event

Make and print a list of contact information for all event staff and volunteers

Assemble all materials needed for the event

lf allowed by the venue, set up the event early

Test any electronic equipment, such as sound systems

Event Day: Event Management Checklist

Here’s what you should be doing on the day of the event:

Supervise the setup for the event

Make sure you have copies of materials like parking information, registration lists and permits

Set up a system for participant check-in

Regularly check in with volunteers and staff

Perform a final walkthrough of the venue before allowing guests inside

Event Management Checklist For The Day After Event

Here’s what you should be doing on the day after the event:

Check that you removed all of the materials from the venue

Update your budget based on receipts, invoices and registration lists

Send thank you notes to caterers, venues, music and other vendors or volunteers

Debrief how the event went with other committee members

Collect all documents like promotional materials, updated budget, security plan and the event map to help you plan for future events

Ask guests to fill out a feedback survey

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